Thursday, February 27, 2020

Healthcare Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 2

Healthcare - Essay Example The reasons for the stated, as a reading of Hamill's (2007) article indicates, lay in the country's highly competitive two-party system, budget constraints and the complex nature of legislature. Although Pennsylvania has one of the highest healthcare insurance percentages in the country, its Democratic governor, Edward G. Rendell is determined to expand coverage to include all uninsured adults and cut down on healthcare costs. As Hamill (2007) reports, governor Rendell is currently proposing that the state adopt a number of measures intended to reduce the cost of healthcare and, thus, extend healthcare to the state's 760,000 uninsured adults. Prior to the current proposal, Governor Rendell had declared his intent to sign a bill establishing a single-payer system, effectively making the state the insurer for the uninsured. The estimated cost of the aforementioned, however, forced him to reconsider this route (Hamill, 2007). Healthcare insurance is a problem but as one may infer from the article, one of the primary obstacles to the implementation of solutions lies, not in the inordinately complex nature of the problem itself but, in the nation's two-party system.

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